5K – The Story So Far

I’ve started on the first draft of Book 2, and aiming for 5,000 words a week, which should get the first draft done by the summer (when lockdown might end…) I’m also planning to write a blog article for every 5,000 words to reflect on how it’s going and the choices I’ve made. Could be interesting. Could be deathly dull. Let’s find out.

The opening is fairly linear: our heroes land in a plane and then drive to the alien refugee camps, reflecting on what they see while on their journey.

The key dynamic is the contrast of the different reactions of Cal and Droov. Cal, as per usual, is racked with guilt – he is dealing with the decision he made to avoid the camps and live illegally, and when he sees the poor living conditions in the camps, his immediate go-to reaction is to find a way to somehow blame himself. He’s like me – always finding ways to turn problems inward. Droov, however, is just excited about all the new experiences and people they’ll meet and wants Cal to lighten the hell up.

The biggest challenge has been how much backstory to include. The book is a sequel that kicks off about a day after Interplanetary Homesick Blues ends. How much of the detail do I need to fill in, and how much do I trust that the reader will have read the previous book? I hate prefaces, flashbacks and exposition so I’ve included all the essential points in the dialogue: they uncovered an Ascenti conspiracy, they are heroes, they are getting the VIP treatment. That also allows for some fun character stuff: Droov loves everyone knowing he’s a hero while Cal just wants to disappear.

Next up: Cal and Droov settle into the camps and discover that all is not what it seems to be. 

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