A brief diversion into COVID blogging

Turns out I have COVID.


Not sure how and when I got infected. All I do know is that last weekend I decided to lighten up a bit and do some ‘normal’ things for the first time in over a year. I had had my first jab, and my second one was due shortly. I should be protected, right?

So, last week I went to a band rehearsal and even went to the pub afterwards. And then on Saturday Donny and I headed into Central London for dim sum and an exhibition at the British Museum. Then the crowning glory of our planned ‘normal’ weekend was to be a (gasp) garden party on Saturday night. It is the journey to this party that is my strongest candidate for infection as the tube was full of people fresh from an anti-lockdown protest cum super-spreader event in Central London. On the Victoria Line journey down to South London I had one of them sat next to me for about 15 minutes. Maybe that was enough. I don’t know. Maybe it was at the party. There were a few drunken hugs, but we were outside the whole time. I don’t know. The second guessing of this whole deal is driving me crazy, so I’ll leave it there and concentrate on the day-to-day reality of living with COVID.

I remember waking up early on Sunday morning thinking ‘shit – have I been putting myself at risk?’ so I did a lateral flow test hungover at about 6.30am. Negative.

So, feeling fine and relatively chipper from my clear test on Sunday I had my second jab on Monday as planned. I had experienced two to three days of side effects from my first jab so I was ready for that. So Tuesday came around and I started feeling a bit spaced out and unable to focus, but that just seemed like classic jab issues.

Then on Wednesday I really did feel mildly fluey. Since I had a massage planned for that evening, I reckoned it would be the sensible thing to do to just have another lateral flow test to be on the safe side.

Boom! COVID,

(Let’s have a normal weekend, we said. What’s the worst that can happen? we said.)

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