Day 1 – Double-Jabbed And Infected

My first reaction was indignation: “I have been jabbed! What the hell? This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen.”

Followed swiftly by guilt: “I should have been more careful.”

And then generic fear: “Long COVID! Will I infect Donny?”

Donny is thankfully (and, perhaps, annoyingly) negative, but we still know we have to isolate as a household. I have dutifully notified the NHS, registered my positive test on the NHS app (so I get a nice pink radar counting down my ten days) and ordered my PCR test. We also cancelled our weekend plans and notified the hosts of the garden party, just in case.

And now we have settled in mentally for 10 days of self-isolation, while the rest of the city is opening up (possibly unwisely).

Symptom-wise, I’m still just feeling mildly fluey. Long may it last. I’ve got quite a lot to do at the moment.

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