Day 2 – Still Positive

I just about managed to work a normal day today, I but required a two hour nap in the middle of the day to keep going. So… not a normal day then.

But I’m feeling OK. I did have a 38C temp last evening for a couple of hours, but then it went away. I’m hoping that’s my immune system (and jab #2) kicking in and I can just ride this out without things getting worse. Chest does feel a bit tight, but I’m not coughing massively. Plus, Donny is STILL negative, so I think that means I’m not shedding vast quantities of viral particles everywhere.

Donny and I have decided to live life as normally as possible. I did make up the spare bed expecting that we’d try and live as separately as we can, but then he made the very good point that if he’s going to catch it, it would be much better to get it as early as possible during the self-isolation period, otherwise we could end up having to isolate for a further 10 days after my period is up.

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