Day 3 – I Told You I Was Ill

I’ve had a 38C temperature all day today and feel like warm garbage. Also starting to cough a bit. Not much, but definitely dry. Like my lungs are full of ash.

Had a crisis at work today so had to do quite a few meetings, but signed off early (with the blessing of my colleagues) and spent much of the day in bed.

My Lateral Flow Tests are so positive. I mean, SO positive. The T band is glaring accusatively at me, like it’s blaming me for this.

But people are being nice and supportive. Even had a few messages from my brother (although, weirdly, he also messaged Donny – perhaps he thought I was putting on a brave face).

But I’m doing OK. It’s COVID, but it’s mild. I just would really like it done. Or at least to show some sign of improvement.

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