Day 4 – The Worst

Cough was bad this morning. So much so that I took myself to the spare room as neither Donny or I were enjoying our Saturday lie in. Still had the temperature too.

Today was a big rest day. I put down roots on the couch, watched movies, played video games, read books. All good. I even started to feel the benefits of it: my mild fever finally eased off and my lungs felt a lot better too.

And then I had a glass of red wine in celebration.

And it tasted like garbage.

All I could taste was alcohol and chemicals. It was disgusting. I thought it must have gone off, but Donny assured me it was fine. I then tried another one, same deal. I now had the trifecta of classic COVID symptoms: temperature, cough and now loss of smell.

This is the one I really didn’t want though. One thing I was looking forward to was all the lovely cooking and eating that Donny would do. It’s what got us through all the other lockdown periods, and would help alleviate the frustration of this one.

And now everything tastes like chemicals and bitterness. It is the worst.

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