Day 6 – Track and Trace

My PCR test came back positive, so I’m now an official verified statistic.

My prize from the government was the chance to spend 30 minutes filling out an exhaustive online questionnaire about my movements. It took ages. As well as asking for everyone I might have infected, they also wanted to understand how I might have caught it. They asked me everywhere I had been, everything I had done, but yet they didn’t ask me how I travelled there. Surely that’s not a minor detail. I am sure it was the tube rides that did it, but the NHS must reckon it’s impractical to track down an entire carriage full of maskless revolutionaries.

Otherwise today I was back at work, taking calls and meetings between naps. Temperature stayed low and stable and the cough was barely there, so I’m feeling more positive. Still can’t smell or taste much, so tonight’s dinner was bland rice mush with leftovers mixed in.

Bring on the gruel.

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