Day 8 – The Grind of Recovery

Much the same today. No fever, no cough. Sense of smell maybe returning? Maybe? I was able to detect this morning’s coffee beyond a wash of brown bitterness.

Still exhausted though. More so than yesterday. The spare bed in the office got a lot of use between phone calls. I really hope this is me getting better because I don’t like to have the words ‘viral’ and ‘fatigue’ in the same paragraph, let alone next to each other. I’ve seen what post-viral fatigues can do to people – they can be devastating. But I can’t engage with that world of terror and fear. I will keep my recovery blinkers on and just cope with the day to day of getting through a severe illness.

Because Covid is a severe illness. I’ve been downplaying and talking about my mild symptoms, but I still got Covid. And the vaccine meant that I was merely knocked over by the bus rather than actually ending up under the tyres. The Covid bus still made contact and that bitch does not pull its punches. I don’t think I’ve ever been so poorly for so long.

Next lateral flow test due tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a clear improvement.

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