Day 9 – The Road to Wellness

Great news. In four days my T stripe has gone from an angry purple wound to being barely visible. My immune system deserves a medal. I have almost beaten the active infection, and I can look forward to re-entering society soon as something other than a disease vector.

Does that mean I am now ‘well’? According to my Dad it does. I gave him the news he wanted to hear and he congratulated me and moved on to other topics. My disease was no longer of interest.

Except that I am not well. I am exhausted all the time, I get out of breath easily and my sense of smell is turned up to 11. My body has been wounded, compromised and assaulted. Just because the attack is no longer happening, it doesn’t mean I am ‘better’. My broken body now needs time to heal, and that process can only start now.

I am grateful I didn’t get Covid worse, but this doesn’t change the fact this has been the most ill I have ever been. It’s a mental blow as well as a physical one.

This is going to take a while.

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