Interplanetary Homesick Blues

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‘Interplanetary Homesick Blues’ takes place ten years after Earth was almost overwhelmed by a massive influx of displaced alien species, all seeking a new home following an interstellar calamity on the far side of the galaxy.

The Earth authorities moved most of the newcomers to massive refugee camps. Some arrivals, however, entered the planet illegally—smuggled in by alien gangs—and live out their lives in secret amongst the humans.

Cal is one such illegal alien. His glittering career in law enforcement a distant memory, he now spends his days trapped in a twilight existence acting as an enforcer within his underground community.

When his best friend—Droov—receives a shocking order to assassinate a human, Cal resolves to investigate the true reason behind the contract, but his digging unearths a far-reaching conspiracy with terrifying implications for the entire planet. Consequently, the pair become a target for dangerous enemies, and they are forced to go on the run for their lives.

Cal and Droov embark on an adventure that propels them from the streets of the capital to the mountains of North Wales, taking in multi-species warehouse parties, invisible spaceships, and fights to the death with sword-wielding alien assassins. Through all this, Cal travels to the deepest parts of himself, where he finally discovers his place in the universe.

‘Interplanetary Homesick Blues’ is an escapist, character-driven, action-packed sci-fi adventure; with added world-weary heroes, laser-gun battles in London streets, and spaceships crashing into the Thames.